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Lead Characters



Ages: 30-55

Moya is a factory worker at an arsenic extraction plant run by the World Government in the year 2090. She is unwell from decades of Arsenic exposure.  She lives in a single-family shanty, within the confines of a work camp with her children Kyp and Elden. She is inventive. She is wary of the government, and in recent years has taken it upon herself to illegally obtain government weaponry and other technology to study and modify it for her own purposes.  She cares about the greater good of humanity, but believes that the world has been corrupted to the point of no return.  Moya is about to unhatch a secret plan that she believes will be for the greater good of the universe.


Male or Female

Ages: 8-13

Kyp is the youngest child of Moya, and sibling to Elden. Kyp is not affected by arsenic exposure, thanks to a purification mask designed and built by Moya, that Kyp has worn since birth.
Moya often refers to Kyp as “the last piece” in her plan.



Ages: 22-27

Elden is the oldest child of Moya. Elden is young and naive, and as a result has a nervous energy. He doesn’t always fully grasp what’s going on but rather operates on blind trust. Elden works in the arsenic extraction plant and is also unwell from years of arsenic exposure. Moya has only given Elden “select information” regarding her plan, so as not to worry him.


Other roles


Any Gender

Any Age

Experience in handling guns is an asset. (fake guns will be used). Height requirement: must be taller than 5'10". Must be physically coordinated, and willing to perform own stunts safely.


Any Gender

Must have very slim build. Must be taller than 5'10", and must be physically coordinated.


All Genders 

Ages: 20-40

Scripted dialogue is involved with this role.




Any Gender

Aged 20+

Speaking and non speaking roles. We are looking for minimum 20 extras.






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